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The Legacy of Leigh Bowery, king of queer

The Legacy of Leigh Bowery, king of queer

Hardcover edition, 220 pages, full colour. 

Are you outside the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg)? Please contact me so that I can inform you about the sending costs for your country. 


Original 1989 Interview, memories and unpublished photo's 

Fullcollour content! This new book contains a lot! Like the re-publication of the 1989 nterview previously published in the Netherlands (music newspaper Oor) and Germany (Männer Aktuell), in which Leigh Bowery outlined his philosophical ideals about beauty, clothing, appearance and fashion. In the book, previously unpublished photos of three of his creations can be admired full-page. Complete with the timeline of Leigh's life and work, ánd a timeline of his legacy. Did you know there is even a party called Bowerytopia and that a Bowery Theatre? 


International performers pay their tribute

A variety of performers pay tribute to shapeshifter Leigh Bowery, both verbally and visually. Brendan de la Hay (Australia), Luis Peralta (U.S.A.), Diederik Verbakel (the Netherlands), Paola Idrontino (Italy/Spain), Luke Skyla (U.K.) Ryan Burke (U.S.A.), Le Pustra (South Africa / Germany), San Kim (South Korea), Venus Envy Drag (U.S.A), Jacob Smith (U.K.) and The Huxleys (Australia). 


Leigh's sister Bronwyn tells about her childhood memories. Aussie flatmate Ann Bolt, with whom Leigh travelled to London at 17, remembers their adventures. Both personal stories are accomunpagnied by unique, unseen pics. 

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