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The Legacy of Leigh Bowery, king of queer. 
Released 1 August 2023.
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There is a new book coming! ‘The legacy of Leigh Bowery, king of queer’. The career of this outrageous shapeshifter of the 80’s/90’s was short-lived (Leigh died in 1994, just 33 ) but his creative legacy is bigger than ever. This is the story. 

1988, interview 

In 1988 Dutch journalist Bamber Delver, interviewed the artist Leigh Bowery. This book re-publishes the original 1988 interview, Including lots of never-seen-before photos of three of Leigh’s creations. The book presents several timelines, of Leigh’s life and afterlife: his legacy. Like the annual Aussie-party Bowerytopia and the theatre named after him: the Bowery Theatre, Australia (native country of Bowery). A variety of performers pay tribute to Leigh, verbally and visually. The book comes in 2 versions. The hardcover in print is a real treat. The interactive, digital flipbook reads like a work of art, full of video's. 

Release: 1 August 2023

2 editions: Interactive, digital flipbook. And a hardcover, full colour print. 220 pages.

Author: Bamber Delver with Brave New Books.

The print artbook will be sold via international platforms like Amazon. Price yet unknown.


The digital, interactive flip artbook will be published on


Info: / +31 6 25 440 050 / Zoom or Skype available.

Address: Amstel 290-s, 1017 AN Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Press? Please contact me so that you can take a preview at the book! 

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