The Legacy Of Leigh Bowery

The Legacy Of Leigh Bowery

The legacy of Leigh Bowery


In 1987, the Dutch journalist Bamber Delver interviewed the artist Leigh Bowery. At the time. Bowery was a unique, completely original designer who literally embodied what Boy George called ‘art on legs’. The interview took place in a drab suburb of London, in a towering flat that the artist had transformed into an extravagant setting. Leigh died in 1994 at a young age. Although he thought his designs would never get a following (“Just because my clothes are simply difficult to wear! You fall over or you cannot breath!”) they did anyway. Decades after his death, Leigh Bowery’s influence is omnipresent. From Alexander McQueen to Cirque du Soleil and from Lady Gaga to the drag queens of RuPaul.


Interview and unpublished photos

This new book is a re-publication of the 1987 interview previously published in the Netherlands (music newspaper Oor) and Germany (Männer Aktuell), in which Leigh Bowery outlined his philosophical ideals about beauty, clothing, appearance and fashion. In the book, previously unpublished photos of three of his creations can be admired full-page. In an art essay, Bamber describes not only Leigh Bowery’s impact but also the sources for Leigh’s own inspiration such as the pre-war Oskar Schlemmer, the Italian grande dame Luisa Casatie and the British duo Gilbert & George.


International performers pay their tribute

A variety of performers pay tribute to shapeshifter Leigh Bowery, both verbally and visually. Brendan de la Hay (Australia), Luis Peralta (U.S.A.), Diederik Verbakel (the Netherlands), Paola Idrontino (Italy/Spain), Lukas Skyla (U.K.) Ryan Burke (U.S.A.), Le Pustra (South Africa / Germany), San Kim (South Korea) and Venus Envy Drag (U.S.A)

With an introduction by Browyn Bowery, in which she looks back at the childhood with her brother Leigh. 


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